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A San Francisco-based photographer, I specialize in male portrait photography: head shots, implied, or full artistic nudes. I love creative, provocative portraits that push the limits and shock people a little. I gravitate toward the dramatic interplay of light and shadows and prefer to keep my lighting clean and simple. Trust is the most important element in making beautiful, honest portraits rich with emotions. Timely communication, professionalism, and mutual respect are important when I work with models. I prefer to work with models who are not shy about displaying their bodies as beautiful works of art. I love to shoot the male nudes as I think the male body is more beautiful than anything else we can possibly drape on it. I shoot for fun and photography is about celebrating life and beauty. So, we should be having fun during a photo shoot. Have a good laugh at ourselves and each other. The best pictures are made when we don't take ourselves too seriously :)

While I love the experienced models who are more aware of their bodies and know how to pose beautifully, I particular enjoy working with aspiring, fit models who are eager to learn and to develop a portfolio.